We use the most advanced machineries representing the latest technology such as large scale extraction, spray drying and vacuum drying facility that produce high quality products in huge quantities in a short lead time.

Quality control

Our in house quality control laboratory is of international standard and fully equipped with the latest equipments such as HPLC and GC for the chemical and physical parameter evaluation of raw materials and finished products.

Our quality control process begins from the analysis of raw materials and continues throughout the whole production process covering every stage of the production ending up to packed products ready to be delivered. Due to this we are able to supply our customers premium quality products with consistency. In addition to that, our sophisticated labs and researchers enable us to make new product developments and applications at the cutting edge of industry.

Raw material sourcing

Due to our unique location advantage of being closer to the hub of herbs and spices in India and remarkable sourcing program, we are able to secure and supply best quality raw materials at competitive prices.